Thursday, September 06, 2007

No Problem Becky! And a curious thing about seamless GG cup and up bras

And Bigger Bra’s new 15% off code, for this month, is “fallbra”

Now if you are looking for pretty bras with embroidery and all, you’ve got lots to choose from in either G or GG cup sizes. And that’s just between Fantasie, Panache and Freya. I admit, I have not looked real hard into other brands of large cup bras yet.

But IF you are looking for seamless GG cup sized bras

This is where things get a bit tight. Between Fantaise and Panache, I’m hoping to try Freya and others soon. But I have not yet.

If G cup size fits you well in Fantasie or Panache, you could pretty well guess Frey and Fauve will fit well too.

In fact, there are plenty of seamless t-shirt bras in most bra band sizes up to G cup size.

If you want a GG, but with out any seams, good luck! I spent about an hour looking last night and found none.

This AM it occurred to me to try Figleaves' excellent search by bra size facility. I skipped the bra size and started with by style. I tried seamless and came up with all bras up to G cup sizes. I tried t-shirt and got the same results.

It seems bra manufacturers decided that G is the last cup size you can get in a smooth, seamless bra.

In GG cup sizes and larger the closest style I’m finding is 3 section cups, which have a smooth upper bust and a 2 section underside of the bust. This at least gives you an at a glance smooth t-shirt effect.

Like this Fantasie’s Smooth Cup Underwire Bra 6500

Fantasie of England Smooth Cup Underwire Bra 6500

or this Panache Underwire Balcony bra called Tango Pure. This bra gets a rave reviews, which you can read at Bigger Bras. If you click on it’s picture below, you’ll end up at Fresh Pair. It is a nice place to shop for undies and lingerie. Freshpair's Women's Bra Page sometimes has styles and Bigger Bras do not have. But Bigger Bras does tend to have the widest size ranges, and often has discounts.
Full Cup Bras at Bare Necessities occasionally includes different styles too. And at times, real good price cuts in discontinued colors! But you gotta act pretty much when you see them. They go really fast.


But you can find this bra at Bigger Bras by typing or copying and pasting 3761 into their search engine. Then you could use Bigger Bra’s current 15% off code fallbra to save money!

Chantelle has some beautiful bras that go up to H, which seems to be what they call GG cup size. They don’t have double letter cup sizes. But according to Bigger Bra’s bra cup size chart, their cup sizes are scaled much smaller than Fantasie and Freya. The measurement Chantelle calls a H is what Fantasie calls a FF cup.

Oh well, I guess that’s why for the time being I’m sticking to Fantasie, Freya and Panache for my personal best bras searches. I did check out the comparable Fauve bras. Beautiful, but a tad pricey.


  1. I wear an H cup, but the selection is very limited when you have to have a band in the 52-54 range. The only ones I've found that fit half-way decently are by Goddess, and I resent having to pay $40 for a bra when my daughter-in-law, who wears a 40F, can get decent bras for less than $10. My bras aren't 4 times as big as hers, don't take 4 times as much fabric, elastic,etc, but they sure as hell cost 4 times as much. More discrimination for the well-endowed fat woman.

  2. Hi, I am new to your blog, so forgive me if you've mentioned this bra before and I'm just repeating myself.

    I'm pretty much a 36GG in Fantasie, Freya or Panache bras. However, this Fantasie bra

    fits me perfectly in a 36G. Awsome since G is the largest cup size they offer in this particular model. The cups are quite a bit larger than their other G cups so I'd recommend any GG cup give it a try. H's and beyond though are unfortunately out of luck. I wish a smooth cup bra could be made in larger sizes but I'm lucky I've come across bras larger than DDD!

    Keep up the good work.