Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If you like Goddess plus size bras and thongs, a current deal for you!

Fresh Pair now has this deal, till supplies run out. If you buy two of their Goddess bras, you get a free thong.

Like their very handy to have, Smooth Simplicity Bra pictured below. It’s offered at its standard price. Fresh Pair carries it in sizes up to 52DDD in 3 colors.

Bigger Bras gives carries the same bra, and has a 15% off code “fallbra”, till Sept. 30th. They carry it in the same sizes and in pink as well as the more typical white, nude and black you’ll find at Fresh Pair.

Click on this Smooth Simplicity Goddess bra to shop for it, without the free thong, at Bigger Bras. Note the code fallbra to save 15% off your order at checkout before you go!

Goddess Smooth Simplicity Seamless Molded Padded Shoulder Strap Bras 3910

Both stores offer free shipping!

Fresh Pair has a good variety of Goddess bras to choose from that this free thong offer applies to. They have underwire minimizers, strapless bras and long line or merry widows, as well as soft cup bras. And a nursing bra is included in this offer too. Plus the thong is very pretty!

Click on this banner to check out the 2 Goddess bras and a free thong deal at Fresh Pair


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