Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yes Anonymous! Lots of stylish clothes for us curvy women there!

Anonymous wrote in answer to my Aug. 24th post regarding Too Fat For Fashion. She finds many reasonably priced stylish plus size women’s clothing styles at CouponAlbum.

I checked out CouponAlbum out this AM. It’s what is sounds like. If you have time, it’s worth checking out sites like this. I recall seeing a few over the last several months. It’s a site where current coupons and deals are available for all manner of things. Including full figure women’s clothing!

I figure it’s worth having one of these stores in your favorites and checking them out for deals or coupons on almost anything before you buy. Unless you have favorite stores, like I do, that you just prefer to shop at. But other than that, it’s worth a look. Even if you do have favorite stores, it’s worth checking out to see if CouponAlbum has any coupons or discount codes from them at the moment.

I really like Silhouettes and Bigger Bras. I’m fairly certain the current savings for Silhouettes and the 15% off at Bigger Bras code I have posted here are likely to be the best offers of the moment.

But it’s worth looking. You don’t know until you do!

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  1. Yes, I too love visiting CouponAlbum for all my shopping needs!! Its really worth looking site as i get many coupons and discount codes for my favorite stores!!