Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank you Samantha & Bentenchosayonara for your comments!

Thank you for commenting on our Did ABC and Fox have a double standard post! I could not agree with you more! I also find some things about this interesting:

Mention of Fox’s Family Guy show. I watch a lot of FOX TV, I figure The Family Guy’s Peter Griffin has to be the most sexually confident character ever! I guess that is easy for a cartoon character…
For some reason, perhaps because in my life, I have been involved with heavy than slender men, I am still amazed that people, at least in advertising apparently, do see full figure women, or men, as attractive and sexy.

I am not surprised that once again Igigi helps lead the way with beautiful styles and thoughtful and percept ideas! Still love that Celebrate your Curves though!
Check out Yuliya Raquel’s, (Igigi’s creator), perspective on size and beauty below!

Here is a link to Igigi’s, now many, lovely videos, which should encourage us all, good music on plenty of them too!

And just because my daughter and I love it, and you might not have caught it the last time I posted it… and talking TV any way… Garcia Rules!

Yes there is something sexy and generally attractive about confidence. Given the general attitude about full figure people in this society, lets take all the encouragement we can get, enjoy and share it!

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