Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A dress I highly recommend for just $34.50 at Baby Phat

Baby Phat is having a 2 hour, 50% off sale, right now, 1 to 3pm est. In it is this dress I just got, along with a few other things, from Baby Phat. Tried it on, in purple, this am! Loved it!
Started to try it on with lots of other stuff in my closet…as a jumper, under jackets…
looked at the time, and had to stop.
Click this dress now to see what select styles are on sale at 50% off at Baby Phat, until 3 today!
If I am trying to get away from my near uniform of jeans and a t-shirt, is having a sundress, that I can wear as a jumper too, with t-shirts, as well as blouses, in two colors gonna hinder or help?
Either way, I am defiantly turning to urban wear and classis suit styling for my new look.
Makers of both are helping by give great discounts lately!

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