Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Seamless Elomi bras in cup sizes I and K, & a L cup size bra at Excellent prices!

While looking into Goddess bras large cup bras at eBay stores, I happened upon a really nice, if you happen to wear on of these sizes, find: This Elomi, ( a member of the Goddess bra family), Smooth, Seamless underwire bra #1220 Still Available in K, and I cup sizes!

Use this Elomi #1220 seamless 44K and I size bras and other sizes and styles of Elomi bras link to find them at a top seller’s eBay store to see these not usually available anymore sizes for just $23 to $26, New but without tags in its crimson color! Bidding ends in three + days, but other sizes, colors and styles are also available.

These seamless ull figure bras are still available in many intimates stores, but only in sizes up to 44H, not I, J or K anymore. You can click on its picture below to shop for it at Bigger Bras. It will take you to one of their pages of Elomi bras, where you can compare prices and sizes available with the ones currently at the above eBay seller if you like.

The eBay seller above also has Elomi’s Caitlyn #8030 underwire bra in size 40L, new without tags, just $17.

And other Elomi bras at good, and not so great sizes.

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