Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Most Excellent Half Price Large Cup Size Bra Purchase from an eBay Seller Experience!

Fastest way to judge how this worked: I did it again, before even writing this!

Last Wed, 5/12/10, I ordered a bra I wanted, in its buttermilk color for years. I even watched it go out of stock everywhere in that color. Now I am wearing the Fantasie’s Mariette bra, #6102, you see below, but in that color, in a size 34J, for just $32.90. That includes shipping and handling! Update 5/21/10: If you like, you can read Fantasie Mariette full figure bras to find out why they have excellent reviews and my wild enthusiasm for them, now that I have worn mine for two days.

Because I brought it at Curves Lingerie by Chamousey and received it just yesterday, 5/17/10.
You can purchase it at Bigger Bras below for $78, in its up to J cup size, or for just $62 in its up to 40G cup sizes, (Fantasie #6103), at Her Room, Fig leaves for $62 and from $43.40, some colors and sizes, to $62 at Bigger Bras.
in bra sizes 32 - 40 GG; 32 - 38 H, HH, J
True it only costs $41.80 at Bravissimo today, but that is before shipping and handling, and its still more than I paid!

I purchased this bra above for 21.49 British pounds which came to $32.90, that is with shipping and handling.

Before writing this, I ordered a Fantasie’s Kara large cup bra in size 34JJ this time from Belle Lingerie.
That cost me 23.44 pounds, which turned out to be $34.79, the price with shipping.

As a rough estimate, it appears that if I add approx. $11.50 to the British pound price that will be my approx us price, at a bra costing around 20 lbs, with shipping and handling!

Below is Fantasie’s Kara bra, at Bigger Bras, in size 34JJ. This bra got a great review from a woman who wears a JJ cup bra. Oh yes, I really do use those reviews!
30 - 40 GG; 30 - 38 H, HH, J, JJ, K
This bra is $84 at Bigger Bras in sizes up to 40GG and 38K, $74 in smaller cup sizes up to 40D to G. It is the same price at Her Room, and Figleaves, (but Bigger Bras does have their usual 10% discount on their pages), where it gets excellent reviews!
Mine will cost $34.79. Hey you can do this too!

I ordered it in Mocha color and went with JJ because, the cups on the Fantasie bra I am now wearing, from Chamousey, at 34J are a bit too small. I have been wearing Panache bras for years now. So far, it could be Fantasie cup sizes are a tad smaller?

Last time I wore Fantasie bras, the band sizes were a full size bigger, but I have not read complaints about this in their bras reviews lately, so I went with the 34 and it seems perfect, or exactly like a Panache 34!

At this rate, I will have a fresh bra for every day of the week even if I don’t get around to washing any for 8 days!

Now the real way to save $ on these bras is to get them at auction at eBay sellers:

Fantasie’s Cally bras are among Bigger Bras top ten Customer Favorites Fantasie bras! The strapless version is on sale at Figleaves, $25, in sizes up to 38D in vanilla color.

Bigger Bras has it, below, in sizes up to 30JJ and 32J, for just $59 and in sizes up to 42DD for just $52
some sizes left between 32 - 42 DD

Alternatively, I could bid on this bra in size 34JJ, in a confetti pink color, with a shipping rate of 3 pounds.

That bid ends in 3 hours! There are three of these in stock, all new, with tags. All bids end in 3+ hours. Currently these bids are starting at 2.20, to 4.20 British pounds.

So I bid and it appears I am in a bidding war, I guess it is called…
I will let you know how that went tomorrow, I am up to trying to out bid the current top bid of 4.20 pounds.

And I have never done this before,

But at this rate, even if I bid up to, well it would not be right to post it I guess,

but I believe I could easily end up going from a woman with, soon to be 8 good fitting, supportive bras that I am happy with, to one with, and matching panties!

I will let you know how this goes!

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