Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Swimsuits for All wants your opinion re: Did ABC & Fox have a double standard?

One for Thin lingerie Models, another for Full Figure Lingerie models?

Swimsuit for All will give the first 50 approved comments a $10 gift card, for your opinion regarding the below.

As I do not know when this started I’m gonna post this right now, and add my comment regarding it as an update below it later.

I do not know if this is still on even, but just to know Swimsuit for All is concerned is nice!

A controversy is brewing over Lane Bryant’s latest plus-sized lingerie ad and the ABC and FOX networks, which initially refused to air the ad during "Dancing with the Stars" and “American Idol,” respectively. Lane Bryant claims the networks acted hypocritically, as they have aired Victoria's Secret ads during the show. However, now that a lingerie ad showing plus size women is being offered, it hasn't been given the same welcome.

The suggestive ad, which can be viewed here, shows a plus size model in bra and underwear preparing for a date. After several shots of her breast and torso clad in attractive lingerie, she is seen walking out the door in a black coat over nothing but her underclothes, and the rest is left to the viewer's imagination!

Although both networks eventually relented, they only did so after demanding excessive re-edits. ABC, however, claims this is a publicity stunt put on by the swimwear company, and that the only restriction the network made was confining the ad to the last 10 minutes of the show; while FOX claims it had only refused the clothing company's request to air the ad during the 8 p.m. time slot, which FOX considers "family hour." FOX has, however, allowed the ad to run with no edits during the 9 p.m. time slot.

What do you think? Have ABC and FOX shown a double standard here, favoring thin models over plus size women? Or were their initial refusals justified? Let's hear your thoughts!

$10 Gift card awarded to the first 50 approved comments. Please allow 24-48 hours for your unique gift card to be created and emailed to you.

Posted a bit later,

OK, the ability to vote seems to be gone from this but you can check out Swimsuit for All’s reasonably priced swimwear here.

What got me is the concept of any network saying they cannot air something because it was the “Family Hour”. After you see an ED, (having nothing to do with education either), commercial run on a Saturday afternoon some years ago, I can not believe networks observe “Family Hour” as a concept.

True, I do not know what network that was…However between the hemorrhoid commercials of the past, now ed commercials at all hours of the day into night, I have long felt that networks might as well just plain out aim for indelicate, never mind indecent!

I especially dislike the extreme out-reality the PBS and KUBO cartoons Arthur and others where the children go out to play without an adult in attendance!


Oh, do not get me started!


  1. I believe there was a double standard. I've seen commercials for gum that were more explicit. I understand if they feel uncomfortable, but I would like that sentiment to be be reflected across the board. If you look at commercials, television shows, and soaps there is an outright sexiness.

    I'm disappointed that this happened, but at least Lane Bryant had some extra publicity.

  2. Definitely a double standard. Fox calls that family Hour? Of course, that's when they show family Guy!