Monday, May 17, 2010

15% off Figleaves brands of Full Figure Bras

Reminder, this is the last day to get Le Mystere Full Fit and Large Cup Bras at 50% off at Bare Necessities, (for now). Read our last post to find out how!

Figleaves has 5 lingerie lines that have either plus size, or large cup size bras. You can read a bit about each at the top of our full figure bras page. Until the end of May you can take 15% off Figleaves’ brand lingerie, (or Figleaves brand anything), by using code fig15usa.

While Figleaves brand bras, so far as I can find, come in sizes up to 42FF, 36GG and 38G, they are all inexpensive compared to the usual large cup size bras and designer plus size and full figure bra styles. Their Midnight Grace and Butterfly Blue lingerie lines especially aim for chic and flirty, but with support. They have rich colors and vivid prints and attention to details!

This Anemone underwire balconette bra, from their Midnight Grace line is a fine example of the above. It comes in 32 to 38D to G, has 3 reviews with a five star average. And is just $36, before the discount!
The Midnight Grace intimates collection also has maternity bras. Matching panties & / or thongs are generally available and some styles even have garter belts, chemise a Basques.

So far as I know, this 15% off discount also should apply to the Figleaves brand items in their outlet store!

For instance, now you will find this Gardenia underwire bra by Midnight Blue still available in seven sizes from 3232F to 38FF, at $16 off in Fig leaves Outlet. You can likely apply their 15% off discount to that too!
Click on its picture to see all the styles currently in the outlet from Figleaves Midnight Grace intimates line.
I will explore and write here about other Fig leaves intimates in full figure and large cup sizes as the month goes on!

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