Sunday, July 08, 2007

Size acceptance and your wardrobe

One way to communicate to the people in your life and the general public that you accept your current size is to dress it right. Also a great way to make yourself comfy! Lets face it Camryn Manheim won’t look so great if she tried to stuff herself in to clothes built for a smaller woman, and neither would we. And if you watch Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights you can see this is one excellent way for us fuller figured women to dress!

But there are plenty of new styles for plus size women coming out every season. And you can find them with ease, from the comfort of your own home, at on line store who cater exclusively to us plus size women.

My favorites are the ones that show the clothing on women, rather than just laying there. Maybe I don’t visualize very well.

Over the last, 3 I believe, years I’ve assembled various groups of these online stores. I promote the plus size women’s clothing each store sells at 2 websites.

plus-size-swimwear-4-you and plus-size-women’s-clothing.

Maybe it’s because I’m a single mother, but I get real enthused about the sales. Currently if you go to the swimwear site, you’ll find a lot of swimsuits can be had at Always for Me’s store, at half price!

Actually I’m so enthused about this I’ve heavily posted it at both sites. Lots of Always for Me’s own swimsuits are on sale at half price too. Their swimwear is already inexpensive to begin with!

I wish I could wear Always for Me swimwear. But my best fitting bra has HH cups. Well I’m just a bit too top heavy. I wear the Fantasie swimwear, so far, haven’t tried the Freya bra sized swim wear styles yet.

Most stores at the swimwear site are having bathing suit sales now too. But for the not too full busted….oh well

The point I was trying to make earlier on is that if you dress yourself in good fitting clothing that makes you look and feel great:

A) You’ll feel better physically and emotionally

B) Assuming your reading this because you are among us larger women, you’ll make plus size people look better to the world at large.

C) So that, as in my case, my daughter, You'll be helping her and other youngsters see us large people as people and not problems weight loss commercials make us out to be. She’s never seen me diet to loose weight, try to fit into a size 10, or wish I was thinner. She still scared me occasionally by asking me if she is fat. But at least I know she’s not getting undue attention about people size or weight presented to her at home, or from me.

D) My friend Helene pointed out to me years ago, when you are dressed your best you do not attract attention of those men who wolf whistle, leer or other wise act crummy or say nasty things to women on the street. Over the years, even I, who have an easy time dressing for comfort, and a hard time dressing to please the eye, have noticed, SHE’S RIGHT!

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