Sunday, July 15, 2007

Updating you wardrobe made easy, beyond cheap plus size swimwear

Since I brought up the issue of feeling good at whatever size you happen to be, by dressing well….I must point out the summer sales. another way to feel good about yourself is to pay yourself by putting your money in savings! Rather than other stuff.

Right now you’ll find Summer clearance sales on, full figure bras, summer dresses and other apparel, as well as cheap plus size swimwear! As well as preseason sales!!

Maybe it’s the single mother perspective but I find drastically reduce prices make updating my wardrobe, not so easier, in my case, but possible!

Here are some fine examples: This baby phat vest, I did not wait to go on sale is now just $29.99! This vest is polished enough for work, if you can get away with denim. It’s still available in sizes 2XL and 3XL!

Ice Water Crop Denim Vest

If you are waistline conscious, it eliminates muffin top, over your waist band! Hides bra straps of too too slender summer dresses and tank tops! Well it does all that for me!

Here’s a baby phat sale skirt to go with it! Just $29.99 and still available in all sizes 1XL to 3XL!

Paradise Handkerchief Skirt

One reason I didn’t wait for it to go on sale is I waited for a Silhouettes’ denim vest to go on sale this fall. Recently I waited for a plaid cotton summer dress, made along the lines of this georgette one, to go on sale. Well both vest and dress went out of stock! I knew the baby phat vest was too much of a wardrobe stretcher to take the chance. What I found out, upon getting this vest is, it’s extremely well made, and I love the adjustable back buckle!

I had my doubts about the Silhouettes’ cotton dress I mentioned because:
A) My daughter, who loves plaid, didn’t take to it.
B) I have doubts about plaid being a real fine thing for us plus size ladies.

Now Silhouettes is coming out with more dresses for fall. I wish their summer print dresses came in solids too. Something that a couple of Avenue plus size dresses do. Come in prints and solids!

Right now both Avenue and Silhouettes’ have many of their summer dresses on sale! And here’s a sleeveless, shirred, crossover neckline dress, in solid salmon or black by Avenue. This dress is cut to make the most of many of us full figure women’s curves!

Oh and the other thing I like about many of these new and summer sale dresses. Easy wear and care. Just drop many of them into the wash!

Regards to wardrobe building: I read it some where in the last year. Either written by a French lady, or regarding how French women shop.

Shop often, buy infrequently.

Or words to that effect. It may be what I have to do, but I would still do that even if my budget permitted frequent buying. It’s just sensible, and you may miss a few things, but you make choices you feel real sure of.

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