Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another reason to blog, any blogger might enjoy

Recently I signed up at Pay Per Post. I was intrigued by the concept of getting paid for what I write about anyway.

While any blogger might enjoy the idea of getting paid to post in their blog, you’d want to write about your normal blog’s concerns. I was concerned, upon signing up to find their current categories did not include any kind of women’s apparel, or size acceptance issues.

But I figured, not to worry. Eventually some one will require some blogger to write about plus size women’s clothing or size acceptance issue.

Then just today, just to see if there were any opportunities for me to write about I logged on and took a look.

Well payperpost considered Keepcash to be up my alley. And upon looking into it I found a wide variety of coupon codes regarding stores I refer to in my blog anyway. So then I was happy to write about that.

It seems it could pay to blog and to keep an open mind. At least till you check out the given opportunity! Today’s writing opportunity has stores I could look into for my readers here to see what they have to offer the plus size women. I know Amazon has books about size acceptance and full figure apparel. Soon I’ll find out if Banana Republic has plus size women’s fashions, or just really nice accessories!

Considering I’m just as apt to get ideas about what to look into next from the occasional blog comment. Or a remark about being fat from my very slender 7 year old leading me to explore size acceptance issues.

Pay Per Post is a win win website for me! Could be for any blogger!

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