Tuesday, July 31, 2007

About the idea of extra weight being somehow wrong

Last week Nicole and The Rotund wrote of their different experiences and perspectives that led them to start a weight loss diet very very early in life. Both either by family, friends or society’s ideas got a message that if you carry a bit of extra weight, that is wrong or abnormal and needs to be fixed.

I, sometime earlier this year, in this blog, not long ago, ended an entry being aghast at the idea of extra weight being wrong or bad. Largely based on the fact that when I was a child, many of my esteemed elders, had extra weight. It did not make them less loved or honored.

Then much more recently I mentioned that I prefer the one line plus size fashion stores that show their apparel on people. So here is some of my latest finds showing full figure fashion on plump ladies. As much to see how the outfit hangs, as to show: If this is fat, what is the problem!?!

Halter Vest

And there’s a pair of matching pants to go with this halter vest. OK, I am a bit, (Yep. A bit and then some), heavier than the lady wearing this vest. But one thing I like about Baby Phat
plus size fashions is that they do make us heavier women look great!

What’s more to like, for a few days, till August 3rd, you can get an additional 25% off sale items till August 3rd. Though no cute and trendy plus size clothing seems to be on sale at the moment, shoes, handbags, and accessories are!

And you can get free shipping with a free key chain on any full price footwear order. And they do have sexy and trendy shoes! That offer is good till August 24th!!

A store I like for their swimwear actually apologizes when ever they have to show, for a short time, a swimsuit or full figure lingerie style, on a slender women. That’s AlwaysForMe.com
They make their own swimwear lines now too. Three swimwear lines actually. All based on years of customer feedback from plus size women, and research!

You can check out one of their best selling swimwear styles of last year’s updated version here. And those updates were based on customer feedback! It’s a kind of real form fitting mini swimdress. They have lots of more modest swimsuits for us shy ladies too.

Anyway, the point I’m making is even visually, larger people are beautiful. I’m going to get these pictures, and the like, baby phat is excellent for this, in front of my daughter often. Pretty, beautiful, sexy, trendy and fashionable are not just for the thin!

It may be a small effort, but might be well worth it. Kind of balance out the stylishly thin ladies she normally see on TV and in magazines.

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