Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A new tool that makes sizing and shopping for plus size bras and jeans easier!

Thank you anonymous for your comment! Click on this Zafu and enjoy, perhaps, the shortest route to the best fitting full figure bras and plus size jeans! Unless you know exactly what you want already!

They do ask you a few questions about the bras and jeans you usually wear and some aspects of how they fit you. Also they ask what you’d like your bra or jeans to do for you fit and shaping wise.

Their plus size bras only go up to band size 40 and cup size DD/E. but if your are within, roughly, bra sizes up to that, this should be a handy tool.

With bras and jeans, plus size jeans starting at size 14W, they calculate your answers and provide you with a list of suggested bras, and / or jeans. You can even save your info! It’s pretty neat!

If your bra cup size is, or you suspect should be, larger than DD/E cup size, you might want to try what I did. It worked wonderfully and you can read about it here! You’ll also find 2 stores that will give you 10% off your full figure bra order!

I’ll continue trying to find and keep the current sales on plus size and full busted bras posted at the top of my intimates page. I will to the best of my ability. Because bras that fit me cost about $40 to $50! OUCH! So I pretty much have to keep track of those sales!

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