Thursday, July 26, 2007

A better thing to teach our children about weight issues

The Rotund’s reply tells me her mother’s fear of fat pushed her to unhealthy dieting. And later her peers added to the perspective of being large made her less worthy and abnormal.

How sad and crummy! Actually I got a bit of lip from my father when I returned from Texas much larger. But I was in my 20s by then and didn’t take it to heart. Well he never seemed thrilled with me about anything else I was or did. By then I was of the “so what” attitude with regard to pleasing my father.

But if that had happened when I was 6 or 7 I’d be devastated. I imagine children in general want to please their parents. I know, no matter what the issue, it hurt me when I couldn’t please him. Which was most of the time…..

As a parent I know that no matter what perspective I endorse at home, my daughter’s school, the media and her peers can do much to turn that around. Does not matter what the issue is.

At least we can make sure our children know we love them no matter what their size is. And we can arm them with knowledge!

Kids like to be as smart, if not smarter than, (you), their peers and even teachers. And they can be pretty savvy about money.

I’m going to advise my daughter, when weight issues are pushed at school by the administration, or her peers to know this:

On page 94 of my copy of Children and Teens Afraid to Eat: Helping Youth in Today's Weight-Obsessed World (Berg, Francie M. Afraid to Eat Series.) the Follow the Money section of the book is something a child approaching adolesecenc might want to know. Especially is taking verbal abuse about over weight issues is likely.

This section, nicely back up by references, as is the whole book, points out that obesity researchers, the diet and drug companies would loose a lot of money if the American public decided loosing weight is not important. They also fund the flawed studies that make weight loss seem like a physical necessity.

Children, they are smart, can see that:

If the companies selling the products that supposedly help you loose weight

Are the same companies are the ones providing the studies that insist you must loose weight for your health

Someone, a whole industry, is just trying to get your money!

Your child would much rather spend it on the latest, toy, CD, movie or what ever. And your child would rather you spend your money on the family vacation and not weight watchers!

And lets not forget that ourselves! Let’s be kind to our selves and let the weight loss industry go get a real job. While we go out and play to get healthy!

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