Thursday, June 28, 2007

Writing Your Opinion Could Get Plus Size People Better TV Programming

Regarding the last post: Kellly Bliss wants us to watch this Video. Click on this
Google video of Kelly Bliss and Joy Nash confronting Meme Roth to watch it.

Then take a few minutes to give it a nice review and rate it. Also you could contact The Morning show, using this link. Tell them you love the June 19th show with Joy and Kelly.

This is all in the hopes that this kind of positive review will give the media reason to create TV programming that gives plus size people a positive image!!

For this she is offering her:
1: Self-Care Extraordinaire for YOU! ...with Standing Aerobics
Package 2: Self-Care Extraordinaire for YOU! ...with Sitting Aerobics
At $15 off, using this coupon code 9A33E206
You can find these self care workouts at
Solve your "weight problem" for good! Get Fit, Eat Healthy with Kelly Bliss!

You’ll find them under Plus Size Fitness under Package Deals.

Or you could watch this video and write these reviews to help all of us communicate to the media that all large folks are not eating bonbons on the couch all day as a job, but rather normal, hard working folks who deserve respect! And to be shown in a more realistic light, a good one!

Naturally I still could not view these videos….I’m just basing my above statement on what little of the show I saw. And having seen prevailing attitudes on TV shows, and received and heard myself, in life. Venturing a guess here as to what needs to be communicated to the media.

I did however manage to get Google tool bar to translate Rodrigo’s comment yesterday…. And being a t-shirt wearer myself, and in terms of communication…
It appears he knows a about custom t-shirt making. If you are into the commentary t-shirt check out his Camiseta Personalizada blog. If you can’t read it, you can translate bits of text or the whole url using Google’s language tools!

It’s a Portuguese blog. It promotes a site that sell, it appears, I really don’t really have time to translate the whole thing, various, personalized t-shirts. One says No Racismo. Needs no translation really.

How nice it would be if people stopped treating each other like bodies. Treated each other like spiritual beings. No Isms race, gender, size, what have you…

What do you think?

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