Thursday, July 19, 2007

Look good. Feel good. Save your money!

I believe I’ve mentioned here my desire to help us all save our money. Well here’s a website designed to do just that! It’s called Keepcash, and you can easily save your money using their daily updates coupon codes. On women’s clothing, books, music, toys, lots of things!

Click on this promo codes link. Then select coupons and you’ll find an alphabetical list of stores with saving codes. Or you can just type your favorite online store’s name into their search engine box!

I found variety of coupons for Bare Necessities. A store I happen to know has full figure bra and panties on sale now. One of my favorite plus size bras is at a ridiculously low price, as on discontinued color. Blush, a color I like! Now with one of Keepcash’s coupon codes this should be really good!

Keepcash, what a nice name, updates there coupon codes daily. So it’s well worth it to bookmark this site and come back before you buy much of anything. They have coupon codes for a wide variety of goods.

Just at a glance I see, with regards to plus size women’s wear, and mom concerns, they have coupons for Avenue, whose having a really great sale on plus size swimwear now, Alight, Amazon, Avon, several baby stores and Banana Republic, (great accessories!), Figleaves, FreshPair, lots of toy stores, as well as Disney…ok there is just so much!

Keepcash updates daily, so who knows what all will be available tomorrow. Some coupon codes have expiration dates, some don’t.

You can get their deals in your inbox too! It’s a great way to save you money. And saving money fits perfect and makes us all feel a whole lot better!

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  1. Thanks for this! I found you thanks to the Fatosphere feed, and it's great to read your blog.

    I also wanted to congratulate you on trying to find creative ways to deal with the weight obsession that's fueling your daughter's worries. Stay strong! I went on my first diet when I was seven, and I blame a lifetime of weight issues on early dieting patterns. I'm now a mom myself, and I am already worried about how to handle my son's moments of clarity about the prevailing attitudes towards weight.