Friday, August 10, 2007

Is taking Alli subscribing to a low fat diet under duress?

In case you haven’t heard, or perhaps read, Alli is a diet pill that blocks the absorption of 25% of the fat you ingest. You take one before a meal you, and eat about 15 grams less of fat in that meal. If you don’t eat less fat you apparently run a pretty real risk of sh_tting yourself. Which is to say pooping on your self. And that could happen anytime. So it’s not a one meal elective diet.

Well that is what I understood it to mean when I read about it in MSNBC’s Diet Pill Icky Side effects Keeps Users Honest.

The idea being, as if you can really plan to loose 10 pounds by dieting, using Alli, you’d loose 15 on a low fat diet.

I really don’t hold out much hope in folks loosing weight on a low fat diet. After all it would have worked so far for many more people than it has by now if it really did.

First I heard, well read, of Alli, it sounded like, well there’s a little extra incentive to eat a low fat diet.

I’ll take myself for example. My quite often breakfast. I’m concerned about cholesterol. Just a bit. I have two large breakfast nachos:
The tortilla chips have no cholesterol
The refried beans are have no fat, lots of fiber
No fat in the jalapeños either
The cheese has some fat, but I don’t measure and it’s likely I won’t start.
I’ve got to get to work like anyone else.

When I first heard of Alli I figured, well it’s going to block some of the no cholesterol fat in the tortillas. OK. And it’s going to block some of the cholesterol fat in the cheese. Good! Very Good! I thought this was especially as this tends to be my most often way to start the day.

Then I read the above linked to MSNB article and thought, well no. Then I’d have to take time to measure the cheese. And carefully calculate the all the other fat that gets into my diet… and go hungry when no other options are available.

As a mother I am going to be dinning on pizza at kiddies birthday parties. This is a known. I’m not going to be packing off separate meals for myself every time I leave the house with my daughter for any and every reason.

No I’m just stick with Nature Made’s CholestOff, and energetic play. At the end of the articel I read that Alli costs $45 to $55 dollar for a 20 day supply. Cholestoff is a lot cheaper than that. If I recall it’s about $11 for a 30, although it could be 60 day supply. So I have not brought it in a while. And you can rack up money off coupons on Nature Made’s website if you like too!

$45 to $55 for 20 days is a lot of ice time, I like to skate. And it’s great exercise too. Skating is likely better for one’s heart than stressing about fat contents and getting to the toilet on time. Like wise the cheese measuring would take lots of time. And that is just one meal a day for me.

At the end of MSNBC’s article a thoughtful person, same one who gave the prices, points out it’d be better to take that money and put it into better food for yourself.

He’s right! Another thing people like to put overweight people down for is eating unhealthy food. Like going hungry is healthy? When quite often, at times in many people’s lives unhealthy food is what you can afford. Chicken is no longer cheap, and neither are fruits and vegetables. Sometimes you are having the stuff that keeps the longest because that is what your schedule allows and little else.

And we are supposed to feel guilty about eating rather than going hungry?

Or pony up lots of money to take Alli and run the risk of public humiliation if we fail to “eat right”?


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