Thursday, September 22, 2005

The upshot of what you’ll find in bra information when shopping at figleaves

When you shop for bras at Figleaves you may not find mention of adjustable straps and backs on bras. They are standard unless otherwise stated.

So don’t let their not mentioning adjustable straps and backs throw you.

But check to see if there is a back view available under the pictures. I have noticed some really good looking support / t-shirt bras there for full figured women.

Then upon looking at the back view found that they have 2 column, hook and eye closure and likewise band width. Rather than the normal 3 column width of hook and eye backs I’ve come to think of as standard, reliable and supportive in full figure bras I buy.

Also with a bit of spare flesh on one’s back a narrow backed bra band might show that more than a broader one….

But that seems to be a new development and if you have a lean back, it might not matter. Besides they have lots of other great bras, shape wear and swim wear for full figure women.

So don’t hesitate to shop FigLeaves: Full Figure Lingerie, Bras, Swimwear & More -FREE Shipping! Free Returns!

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