Tuesday, September 06, 2005

About the sizing thing, especially regarding full figure bras

A while back I was saying how I wanted to try the Aviana most popular full figure bra . This bra, their #2353 is a soft cup. As a full figured woman, part of the special appeal is just throwing it in the laundry, rather than hand washing. The other is, of course, not being poked by under wires. Presumably the being poked is a size issue.

Well the size issue may not go away in the near future, as bra cup sizes are not standardized.

We’d like to think that at least band sizes should be standardized at present. But the info regarding measuring your band size is not.

Some time ago I ordered this bra and their #2353, I just mentioned above, and their newest, at that time, minimizing underwire bra the #2457 the #2457. I used the same sizing chart for both bras. Imagine my surprise when I got them only to find:

  • The cup sizes seemed different
  • The soft cup bra’s cups actually fit
  • The under wire’s cup were too small
  • The band size on both seemed to large

& they are the same manufacture!

Well I saved the underwire, as I know that I may loose weight and my cup size will go down, although the likelihood of my actually getting around to taking in the band, actually sewing, I’m not too sure of. It does seem well made.

The soft cup I’ve been wearing. No I did not take the band in on that. Funny thing is, even though the band is to loose, it supports nicely!

The way I figure it, I have not found the right sizing information yet. I think that basically, I need a smaller band and a larger cup size.

Trying different sizing info, I ordered another type of bra, the full figure version of one of Oprah’s favorites, Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha Seamless Full Fit , which goes up to 44G!

I believe I’ve got it right this time. But will wait and see. If I do I will pass the sizing info on to you all here and at the plus size clothing website I publish. At least it will be one know instance of bra sizing information working right for one body for one manufacture!

In the mean time, for those of us who are not yet wearing the right size and find their breast smashed together, getting sweaty and clammy in the summer heat.

I used talc for years. It’s ok. Recently I found that for this close pressed sweatiness what seems to work better, for me at least. Bath & Body Work’s “Instant Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel, with vitamins B5 & E”.

For all I know any anti bacterial gel might give the same cool, clean results, but it makes for a nice clean feel, and unlike talc, I stay feeling cleaner and fresher there longer! And it smells great too! Comes in different scents.

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