Thursday, September 15, 2005

Shape wear sale and pretty cotton, and not cotton, boy cut panties for us bbw!

Now till Sept 23rd at Bare Necessities online store they have 7+ pages of shapewear on sale at 25% off. Things I personally would like to try like the Nancy Ganz What a Lift Camisole I wrote of lately, and more, of course.

Now if you use their "5% off any size order" coupon link you’ll find in the right hand column here. (Some times this coupon disappears, for about a half hour, it’s worth 5% off to come back and use it later.) Then go to the “25% off shapewear” section when you get there, well You GET TO SAVE MORE!! I love stuff like that!

As it’s still hot and humid here and I still rely heavily on cotton I was pleasantly surprised to find these in plus size panties. Pretty, sweetly sexy cotton hipsters! Stretch lace low riding waist band! A Fluttery boy-cut leg style. How often do we find pretty and sexy in cotton?

Just the thing for when your shorts are a tad too short and you suspect your undies are showing. It’s not that I purposely wear my shorts too short. My daughter climbs all over me and shifts my clothing at times. And sometimes I’m on the jungle gym with her. If they are, well at least they should look nice.

For that same reason I wanted to try This Bali Studio pair. Not cotton though…The cotton ones I mention first are nicely priced! The Bali Studio ones are ½ the price of the cotton ones, but not cotton.

OK, so I sweat a lot. So I favor cotton at twice the price if need be.

Ever get to read this as part of a line in a book or story? “sweating freely”.

What is that suppose to mean? It’s as if you could consciously decide not to sweat.

It’s normally applied to over weight people of either gender. I recall being thin and sweating just as much as I and my normal weight 5 year old daughter do now.

It’s not something one decides to do or not, no matter what your weight.

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