Thursday, September 08, 2005

About sizing and the afore mentioned Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha seamless full fit bra

As it happens, that bra, which was on back order, did arrive the day I wrote my last post here.

Here are the results. Band fit perfect. Cup size really, too small. Although in all fairness to Le Mystere, I did order the largest cup size they had, G. Knowing that by my calculations at that time I’d need a cup size of H.

Let’s face it, if I do loose weight the cup size will get a bit smaller.

And if I don’t, I’m generally wearing a cup size of DD, which is the largest I can get at the local department store.

I can’t find a foundations store, as they wear called once upon a time. So as cup sizes go, it appears I’m stuck at too small anyway…

And that’s one reason why I’m shopping online for a full figure bra in the first place. Can’t try one on locally that really works.

Anyway this was a back order, I’d have to do some serious back tracking through the info I based this order on, and I don’t have the time for much of that.

I do believe I was getting a too large band size in the first place. I believe it was Le Mystere’s site it’s self that said two things in regard to band size that I harkened to.

OK, I back tracked after all it’s here. Le Mystere’s care and fit page and it was one, not two things.

You measure around the top of the breast, not underneath!

Well that worked!! Because it’s smaller!

I may be bulging out of the top of this a little too much, but the band width is perfect!!!

That’s half the battle! It may not be a sports bra, but I bet I could run more comfortably in it than any of my others, before I wore them out!!

Another reason I could run in it. It is extremely well built! Hard ware looks solid, as does the stitching.

It’s important, as I put a Glamorize bra I ordered once, did a single jumping jack, to show my daughter how it’s done. And the strap broke. And on that bra, the cups did fit. But if it can’t hold up to ONE jumping jack, what’s gonna happen when we are out at the park and my daughter climbs me?

My next step will be to try a Fantasie of England bra. It seems they make their bras and swim wear for full busted women, largely!

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