Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fredericks plus size costumes for this Halloween. Also as fantasie lingerie. Yes both

This Halloween season Fredericks has some fun, sexy and alluring costumes for us full figure women. Some of these costumes can be worn to parties. Or Even trick or treating with the kids. Then when the party is over and the kids are asleep,

  • a quick change from tights to garter belt, stockings and sexy pumps or heels
  • perhaps removing the pretty camisole you might wear under the sort of sheer lace bust of their Fraulein costume’s bodice

    It’s the same costume, but now it’s erotic fantasie lingerie for you and your lover to share!

    They have a flapper costume, a cat and of course a witch costume in addition to their usual fantasie lingerie costumes for big beautiful women.

    My own fantasies run more to being a different version of my every day self. But Wearing a bustier under a suit jacket. The way the Karen Walker character in the show Will and Grace did a lot of.

    A some what plain bustier such as the Simone Perele one I mentioned in an earlier blog, for summer, as it’s white with a floral print. Or Fredericks’ Renaissance Corset. It has nice simple lines, even though it has a hook and eyelets front. And it comes in white, black and red in sizes up to 3X! I keep waiting for that one to go on sale. It never happens. Infact I think it went up 4 bucks in recent months… But that’s what would work well for me, under a jacket!

    But I’m kind of conservative. What about you?

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