Monday, September 26, 2005

Road testing one of Oprah’s Favorite bras, the full figure version

Earlier this month, Sept 8th, I wrote about finally getting the full figure “Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha seamless full fit bra”.

Since it’s thought that
70% of American women are wearing the wrong bra size, (Allure magazine, October 2005, page 185, lower right hand column).

And since bra cups sizes are not standardized, look here, look here, 2nd question

I don’t feel bad relating that I’m apparently in an ongoing pursuit of:
What exactly is my size?

A brief summary:

I started out thinking I was a 40 or 42 DD or so…
It appears to be more like a 38 H or so

Current perplexing point:

Why is it that a Le Mystere 38 G is so close in fit to a Bali 40DD, better yet still pretty darn close. How could any G cup be so close to any DD?

What ever my bra size is, it’ll take a while to ascertain.
Worse yet, it’s apparently an odd one. As I am getting closer to it, I find that that so far it involves backorders. This leads to making due with what comes close. But then so did shopping locally, but with painful pokes in the under arms and other problems.

One of the reasons ordered the above mentioned bra, even though I believe I need a 38 H at least, and they only go up to G in band size 38, I figured, it’s still better than the DD’s I can get a hold of locally.

The reason I gave for keeping it is if I loose weight, which could happen. Well I can see my self, knowing my body, loosing a cup size or 3 even, Getting below a 38 band, for me, is not likely.

OK, so I mentioned earlier this month when I got it how, I was not too surprised that the band fit was excellent, but cups too small.

Even so I said l thought I’d likely feel comfortable running in it….I did, I will again! And it was too comfy to take off afterward. I did not care that it bulged a bit. Just to comfortable to take off. How’s that for a full figure bra? I never had one like that before!

This review got to be so lengthy, I posted it here.

The upshot of which is:
If this bra comes in your size, get it, wear it and be comfy, happy and WELL SUPPORTED!

They don’t quite fit me, but it’s never been perfect. I’ve never looked perfect either. I’d be thrilled to be comfortable, well supported and not have to readjust a bra several times an hour, or so it seems, with other bras I’ve worn.

I will keep and eye out for when they go on sale. Because I want several more. And I’m far from rich. I will post it in the right column of this page, below the bra’s picture when I find sales for us! Count on it!

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