Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Throwing our weight around and quick drying t-shirts

I found out something about being a plus sized, rather than average sized, woman yesterday. I was on the swings at the park with my 5 year old daughter. She can pretty much pump the swings her self now. So for the first time in years, I was using the swings instead of pushing.

When I went to slow down, I just stopped using my legs. But I was curious. I kept moving the upper part of my body as if I was still pumping the swings. I did not slow down till I just sat perfectly still. Apparently, we full figure women can simply shift, (or is it throw?) our weight around to create motion!

I rather liked that!

I did, however, wish I was wearing one of these shirts. True, I was wearing a all cotton t-shirt. Yes it was handy for wiping my face on the sleeves. It’s still quite hot and humid here. But I could have worn a bandana for that.

Looking at those two quick drying, and one of them moisture wicking, shirts this morning, I though, gee it’d be nice to quickly dry off in the existing breeze before getting back into the car….

Have any of you tried these active wear made of moisture wicking fabrics?

I’m curious as to what’s been found to work, wear and feel well in fabrics designed to dissipate heat and moisture.

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