Monday, September 19, 2005

A lack of mention regarding: whether a bra has adjustable straps and backs.

When writing about the t-shirt bra I mention in my last post, and then again while checking out the full figure bras after entering to win the $1K gift certificate at Figleaves, I noticed a somewhat disturbing trend in bra descriptions at their site.

A lack of mention regarding: whether a bra has adjustable straps and backs.

So I wrote them. They first answered back letting me know that the 3 I asked about were being looked into by their warehouse staff.

I asked the same question about 3 more as well. They let me know that 3 of the 6, by then bras I inquired about have back views available at their description’s pictures. This is true but a bit hard to work out. Some photos are just not so clear, detail wise.

worthy of note, one style of bra's back picture shows a double column rather that triple column back closure. I don't know about you, but this is not adequate for this full figure woman.

Later they got back to me telling me that the warehouse staff found all 6 bras have adjustable straps and back.

I thought this was pretty good. I started this inquiry Friday PM and they looked into it over the weekend and had the full answer for me by early Monday AM!

So tomorrow I’ll just ask for all of us who it may concern, is it that we can assume that a bra has adjustable straps and backs unless otherwise stated?

Will keep you posted. After all they do have excellent service, a great stock of full figure and full busted everyday and luxury bras and other great lingerie and shape wear!

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