Wednesday, September 30, 2015

E.L.F.’s Truly Exfoliating Wipes for $3

+ their Eye Cream that Does Not Upset my eyes! 1st time for me, so far…

E.L.F. has this excellent Hot off the Press: Spend $25 and get 6 beauty editor picks for just $6 (a $20 value!) Offer Valid 9/29-10/5 with promo code EDITOR! deal, and a few more, as usual these days! Here is my experience with E.L.F.’s

Makeup Removing Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths

While I have tried various facial wipes, and enjoyed many, even the ones that said they were exfoliating actually seemed to be.

Not so with E.L.F.’s! These lovely and inexpensive wipes are to be tried if you wanted an exfoliator in a wipe close to S.t Ives Apricot Scrub! You get 10 for $3. They have a soft side, which we are supposed to use for makeup removal
Then the rough side for that oh-so-freshly-scrubbed feel, I for one, love!
Then we are supposed to rinse…

For me, the whole point of having wipes in my bedroom is,
I like to freshen up when I am away from the sink…
So I followed my usual wipes I rely on for this and My skin feels Clean and Great!

The rough side of these cloths is truly that, rough. So you can go too rough…
That said, if I were not rushing,
I would have stopped and rubbed my feet down with them before disposing of them!

E.L.F. Illuminating Eye Cream

For $10 I am thrilled. I have tried a few others that cost more, and either the fumes or the cream its self, ends up in my eyes. Then I never use it again…

This says we can use it at our eye and brow area, and suggest we use the rest of their inexpensive regime, which I may try later…

E.L.F’s absorbs completely. I have been using it for a week now and even with the return of the heat and humidity lately, Even my sweat does not carry it into my eyes. Using powder eye shadow as I do, I can really appreciate how nicely hydrated my eyelids are now!

  • Less money spent!
  • Great results
  • Always some excellent deals 

E.L.F. is going from making both makeup and skin care more affordable, with better results and more enjoyable for me!

I hope you are enjoying their fine products too!


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