Thursday, December 03, 2015

Wear Your Heels with a Smile This Season

Sole Serum is made to target and relieve Foot Pain

I got mine during the summer because I have other feet problems, and still cannot get to a podiatrist yet, and it works for them (my doctor says calluses growing in my feet, gulp)!

Aiming to write share this info with other women who actually have pain from high heels, I wore my 4 inch heels around the house a bit this summer, without using Sole Serum and found they hurt less than my above mentioned feet problem.

As the problem with my feet got worse lately, and it hurts no matter what I am wearing on my feet. So I have tried Sole Serum and It Works!

Also, for me it seems to have a cumulative effect:

I put it on in the early morning, (6 Am), before giving our dog his approx. 1 hour walk
Then again later around midday
The results are no more pain for the rest of the day into night, (which include our dog’s approx. 1 hour PM walk)

While it says it works by blocking the foot’s pain signals, it does not produce a numbing feeling like novacane does. I am still aware of the parts of my feet I use it on, they just do not hurt like _ell!

So I would highly recommend trying this while Sole Serum while the price is nice! I have no idea how long their Now just $16.99! deal will last…Says $16.99 as I post this!

They are also offering Free Shipping on purchases over $30!


I believe the shipping deal ends sometime next June…

According to Sole Serum’s Story page: FORBES named Sole Serum one of 2014’s most innovative health and beauty products,
and Sole Serum has been featured in publications like:
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Health
  • Self
  • Seventeen
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Essence
  • Brides
  • and US Weekly 

So apparently it is not just working for me

While I am still planning to get to a podiatrist, I am sure glad this exists and I can get some relief until I get around to that!



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