Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Last 2 Days to Vote for Your Favorite Bras and More

Plus a Brief Review of Her Room’s VIP points program

Her Room has some great deals now, such as:
  • 20% Off Hanky Panky, including sizes up to 3X
  • BOGO at 60% Off on Top Selling Brands, such as Bali, Playtex and the like 
  • Also if you participate in the Undies Awards at Her Room you get a 10% off code from them in your email, (good for 90 days from the date of that email) and 50 of their VIP Loyalty Points if you are enrolled in their program! 

Here is why you might want to be enrolled in Her Room’s Her Room's VIPoints Loyalty Programicon.


Pros and Cons Her Room’s VIP Points

I have only been enrolled in this program since March 26 2015 during which I have only purchased one item from them, which I had to return and still have, currently, have 310 points!

The Pros Regarding the Undies Award points, that is 50 points, and the 10% off discount, you can get doing this, which is real easy and takes very little time.

That said you only have until the end of the month to do this. If you are considering Her Rooms VIP points, do so now and take advantage of the extra Vote points before this opportunity ends!

Besides apparently a point for every dollar spent, other ways to make points are:
  • 100 points for just enrolling in this program
  • 50 points for doing their Know Your Breast Survey
  • 45 points for the $45 bra I purchased, on sale. So sale items Do rack up points! Even though they have received my return of this bras, (I have to find my new size…) I still have the points, which surprises me!
  • 25 points for every review you write. How many reviews can you write? I know, if I can find a spare minute of three, I will do more!
  • 20 points for posting that I did the on Twitter 
  • 20 point for Facebook 

So racking up points is easy!

The cons

If you are buying at Her Room anyway, there are no cons.

There is not a thing to loose!

Good to Know You can redeem those points anytime, but:
  • 500 points = $10
  • 250 = $25
  • 2500 = $50 
So if you buy, or review, or both frequently, this is a great program!
If you are buying from them anyway, why not enroll!


So you can do the Undies Award Vote and get the extra points and 10% off discount!



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