Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Get 50% Off Everything at E.L.F. TODAY

E.L.F. makeup and beauty supplies are so inexpensive to begin with. They are also excellent quality beauty products. I use them daily, not just because they are usually around $3. Actually less because I have yet to purchase them without one of their discounts!

10/9/15: Updated this sale text link to general E.L.F. link. They always have great new deals! Shop e.l.f. Cosmetics now!

My Favorite & Daily E.L.F. Eye Makeup

I have felt eyebrow envy all my life. Then my hair turned grey...
Needless to say I do not like being seen without my eyebrows colored.

Now, thanks to E.L.F., I do not have to!
I love using their Eyebrow Treat & Tame below. 
The Treat part is clear, the brush just perfect for tidying up my eyebrows, when I am too lazy to scrub my face. 
Then I use the, (in my case Ash color), for day color & it is perfect all day! All for $3!
Then for evenings and night I like to add a bit more color with their e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit below, also just $3!
This even works in the summer heat and humidity!
I sweat A LOT! 

Previous to E.L.F. I enjoyed Anastasia’s Brow Wiz, Great stuff, but $21.
I am a single mother,
who does not get child support, so…

I tried other, drug store variety, eyebrow pencils, and ended up slightly more broke, and varying degrees of disappointed.

So yes, I do enjoy these two E.L.F. beauty products most days of every week. For $6, (less really as there is always a discount!), to me personally, this is their best deal ever.

I also use their quick drying top coat for my nails, (approx. every other day), which is $2, and dries quick no matter how many layers of it, (& other nail polish), I apply it to the top of.

If you have not tried E.L.F. makeup and beauty products, this is an excellent opportunity to try them for even less!

I do,

Updated, a bit, 10/9/15

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