Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The New Elomi Carmen Plunge Bra for Less

Almost $10 less, already!

No sooner than I ordered my Elomi Carmen Plunge Bra from Her Room that I found this style starting at $54.36 to $57.46 New with Tags at eBay Stores.

That said, I needed the paler color, and the only ones available in my size were black…
Possibly next time for me!

FYI Elomi Carmen Bras NWT for Less

In the last post here I found this style $64 at all stores. Here is a brief breakdown of 3 of the 4 available for less at eBay stores, using this Elomi Carmen Bras New with Tags, Buy it Now prices at eBay stores link.
  • $54.36 Black sizes 38 to 42FF to HH
  • $55.87 32 to 44DD to JJ
  • $57.46 Sand color 32 to 42, 
  • but in 32GG, H and HH only…oh sob… 

You can view the black one well in the post just before this one, or click on the link to these styles at eBay stores above.
Here is a picture of the sand colored one with the Carmen panties!

Just occurred to me to see what Amazon has for Elomi Bras! Consider this below a bit of a test: Having looked, they have the normal price for the Carmen Plunge bras, but others well worth browsing if you, like I, are a fan of Elomi Bras!



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