Wednesday, November 11, 2015

50% Off E.L.F. Today!

And an Apology

Today we can enjoy All of E.L.F.’s excellent makeup and beauty products at 50% Off!

They have this as Singles Day. I am pretty sure this is Veterans Day.

However, if we use code SINGLES today, on a minimum order of $30, can get our purchases at 50% Off, until the end of today!

I Am Sorry Most of the Links to E.L.F. on this Blog Do Not Work

Bet you thought this would be an apology about their calling 11/11 Singles Day!
I cannot apologize for that, as I have no idea what that is about, for E.L.F….

No. This is the 2nd time I have found links to E.L.F. that worked when I put them here not working…
So far this one below continues to work, so I am going with this one, which I will also keep in this blog’s right column, until, (I so hope this does not happen), it stops working…

 e.l.f. cosmetics 

I apologize for any inconvenience anyone has found trying to find E.L.F. products and deals I have recommended here in the past,
or today using previous posts on this blog.

I will try to fix this, as soon as I find my day extender…
Having done this before,
I will likely just post pictures of products here,
rather than their pictures with links straight to them here in future.

I know we can shop E.L.F. locally now, but CVS, Walmart do not have all their products, nor do they have excellent deals like this one today!



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