Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Return of the Plaids in Fall Plus Size Fashions

And horizontal stripes

I do not know if it is just me, and perhaps my daughter, (No Mom! Don’t wear That!), but I love plaids, yet now that I have a fuller figure, I am ambivalent about wearing them. Do not even get me stated regarding horizontal stripes in full figure fashions. Yet I saw….

When I saw this sheer, chiffon plaid I have featured at the top our home page at plus-size-womens-clothing.net, pictured like this, below with the cardigan….Now this would be a flattering way to wear plaids!
If you are not into cardigans, a blazer would work well too.
The solid cardigan, or blazer, would visually slenderizing our sides, and at the same time creating lengthening vertical lines!

Then I saw this Rocawear dress!
They have it in black, red and this purplish blue colors in women’s sizes, (up size XL = 40”, 35.5”, 43”, left in 2 out of 3 colors!),
but only in the blue in plus sizes 1X to 3X.
Rocawear also has a 20% off your order deal you can find at the top of our urban fashion page!
I figured this with this Silhouettes washed linen blazer, on sale now for $30 - $35, sizes XL to 6X,
Washed Linen-Blend Blazer
or a cardigan, or similar blazer would layer over this dress just right.
This blazer is 34 inches long, the dress is 32”, average women’s, 35” full figure women’s long!

If you take the dress to Rocawear you should check out the tiny horizontal lines at the cuffs on the dress!
Only the blue version has them at the cuffs.

Then check out the back view! All three colors, in average women’s sizes, have this horizontal tiny line detail at the back panel just below your collar.

That is how I figure horizontal stripes should be in full figure fashions, tiny, or small, and only as insets.

What do you think?

I saw this, flat front, pleated plaid skirt at Torrid!
They just happen to have this excellent Get 10% off your entire purchase at Torrid.com! Use Coupon Code 7AF11OFF until 8/15/11 money saver going on too!

I figure this skirt, with a
  • long solid sweater, tunic, vest
  • vest and cardigan or blazer
  • with the pleats continuing that flattering vertical line 
This would work great visually on many full figure women!Pleated Plaid Mini Skirt
How is that for a stylish way to dress in layers!
This is especially in an office where folks keep changing the temperature.
I had worked at a few of those and laying is nearly a necessity when they do that!

I am finding more plaid tops at Avenue and Torrid, not much at urban fashion stores yet, but it is August after all…

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