Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spacer foam and Cotton Summer Full Figure Bras

If you use Her Room’s banner to your right today, you will find their 8 best Beat the Heat bra choices. Among them are some full figure bras and large cup size bras that use good old cotton or Spacer Foam, (lightweight, breathable foam lining), for our comfort.

Space Foam bras

I have yet to try a cotton bra since I have found my real bra size, but I can vouch for Space Foam's cool light, comfort in Elomi’s Hermione full figure bras I am smitten with, this is the best cup lining yet! The straps on these bras are the best too!

Elomi’s Hermione large cup size and full figure bras are among the 8 recommended by Her Room for beating the heat too. These bras come in sizes 34G to HH, 36 to 40DD to HH, 42DD to H and 44DD to GG and 46DD to FF.
Her Room does not mention this bra’s spacer foam, but Bare Necessities description of it does. You can find it for the same, (OUCH), $69 at both stores, now in fawn and it’s new charcoal color.

Oh, I snapped that charcoal one up right away. I have many black t-shirts. That lace overlay on the side support panel, NEVER SHOWS!

You could also get these bras in their fawn color, at 15% off using code mystyle at Bigger Bras, to your top right, until 8/3, or 10% off with their usual discount after Aug. 3rd. However, you currently have to back order most sizes in it there.

I ordered my charcoal one last week from Bare Necessities, standard, free that day, shipping, and it showed up on Monday!

Another spacer foam full figure bra style Her Room Recommends is Chantelle’s Icone Basic Spacer Bra below. These bras come in sizes 32 to 36B to G, 38B to F and 40B, C and D in this toffee color. They are a bit pricey, $82, and have only 3 reviews so far, all 5 star!
They also carry Chantelle’s Sublime full figure spacer bras, with 15 of its current 17 reviews receiving five stars, which is what I like to see when a bra costs $80. Those bras come in nude, soft pink and black colors and come in comparable sizes to the Icone style.

Another style they recommend is Simone Perele’s Caressence bras which feature spacer foam and the promise of non-itchy pretty lace! These bras come in ivory, Peau rose and black in sizes 30C to F and 32 and 34 B to F, 36 and 38B to E and 40B, C and D!
These too are highly rated!

Of Cotton bras:

Her Room recommends Hanro’s Cotton Sensation brasicon, which only come in sizes 32 to 38B and C.

Should you need larger cup or band sizes, and want cotton bras,

You can get Best Forms’ which appears to be Vanity Fair, at both Figleaves, buy clicking on it’s picture and Bravissimo, whose link is in the right column of this Cotton Rich full figure bras page, in Every Day Essentials.

You will find these bras in black and white at both stores, in assorted sizes in the 30D to FF, 32 to 38D to G, and 40 and 42D to DD at Figleaves. Bravissimo has them in assorted sizes, more in black than white, in the 30 to 38D to J size ranges. They are about $42 at either store.

Both Her Room and Bare Necessities have these new Le Mystere cotton bras! They come in sizes 32 to 38B to G and 40C to G at Bare Necessities in toffee and white, and are on sale currently at $10 Off! They have a 4 star out of 6 reviews rating at Her Room.

Neither cotton or space foam styles recommend by Her Room

This full figure Natori Cool Contour bra uses Coolmax to keep us dry and comfy!
These bras come in sizes 32 to 38B to G in café and black colors! They get good reviews and are $66…

They also recommend The Wick’em Bra Linericon, which you may have seen on The Doctors or The Today Shows. I have no opinion about these, but take their link to learn more!

They also recommend a sheer mesh Cosabella bra that comes in sizes 32 to 36B to D, in a multitude of colors, for $59, called Soire Sheer Soft Cup Underwire brasicon. Yes, both soft cup and sheer, not my type error…

This ran on a bit, but after it went over 105 degrees here last week, I feel, any effort to get us ready for such things is well spent!

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