Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get an Extra 40% and 30% Off Dereon and Rocawear Sale Styles

Urban fashion stores are getting their new fall lines in so it is a nice time to stock up on summer favorites, on sale, with a discount!

Dereon has their sale sections split up into Under $20, $30 and $50 pages. Their, still comparatively rare, plus size short shorts, below are still available in sizes 14 to 24, you will find them on sale for $24!

You can get 40% off any one Dereon’s sale item, and they are all marked at 40% off so you can decide which one, I guess.

Click on this picture of these plus size shorts, look to your left and you will find all of their sale categories to browse through!
Actually, it appears that all of the Dereon, and most of the Rocawear, shorts we show on our plus size short shorts page are on sale and included in both of these On Sale with a Discount deals!

The problem is, I do not know if plus size short shorts will be back next summer…will it once again be capri, cropped and Bermudas for all of us, again…gulp.

Likewise, click on Rocawear’s linen plus size short shorts below and look to your left to see Rocawear has their sale section spilt up into Under $20, $30 and $75, where currently all sale styles are listed at an extra 30% off, and you do not have to choose just one!
These shorts are still available in sizes 14 to 24 in their olive color and are down to sizes 14 and 20 in their cornstalk color below, for $33.
Both stores have a wide selection of sale style, although Dereon has much more than Rocawear at this point.

I just feature the short shorts here because I am afraid they may not be back next summer.

Dereon and Rocawear's additional discounts on sale items offers end on 9/1 at 3pm and 2:59 pm est..

In addition;
  • Rocawear has new jeans, blouses and is doing their usual magic with new twist on a polo shirt in New Arrivals again!
  • Dereon has new dresses, slacks, jeans and jackets in this week.

Be Aware
The rare 10% off discount code at Igigi ends tomorrow!

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