Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10% Off Igigi Plus Size Fashions

This is the 2nd Igigi discount I have seen since I wrote Igigi seldom has sales or discounts on our home page at

Well if it takes making a liar out of me, so be it! We can enjoy 10%OFF IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel! Code "GLAM10" until the end of the month!

Note the code and click on the text link to go enjoy this discount, which does not seem to be on their site.
This is just a picture of their new ruched bodice, chiffon skirt, square neckline dress below.
I love square neckline tops and dresses and they have a near sleeveless new dress style too!
One of the many new dresses gowns and tops designed just for us at Igigi

Now let us see, what else I can lie about on our home page for us, to, hopefully, make it come true:
Stylish, warm, waterproof La Canadienne boots will never be just $10 and available in all sizes, widths and styles, with free shipping!
That is something real to me, that I would love to be made a liar about!

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