Thursday, August 04, 2011

20% Off EVERYTHING, and a New Category for Large Cup Size Bras

You can enjoy 20% Off everything at Figleaves using the code is posted on their pages! Figleaves is a great place to shop for full figure bras and now they have made our shopping easier by returning ‘full figure’ to their search filter in the left column of their page and adding ‘GG+’!!!

So here is are 3 direct links to their Fuller Figure, DD+ and GG+, which all show the 20% off code quick look at the now speedier way Fig leaves lest us browse bras, possibly swimwear too, I have not looked yet…

Click on Chantelle bra to go to their Fuller Figure Bras. This one comes in sizes 32 to 40B to G, in blue / black and white!

Click on this $27 Oh Lingerie Date D – F T-Shirt bra to go to their DD+ Bras. This bra is still available in sizes 34 to 38E and F, 40C to F and 42C, D and E, in this rose floral below.

Click on this Freya $45 plunge balconette bra to see their new GG+ Bras category! These bras are low stock in most sizes left: 30H and HH, 32J, 34GG and H and 38GG and J.
Granted the several bras I checked out first in that section come in sizes up to G or H…
I am sure they have plenty of larger cup size bras too.
One can always just use their shop by bra size further down the left column search filter too.

A couple of pleasant surprises:
  • That pretty Chantelle bra above is available in this GG+ section, in a 3 part cup style, in sizes 32 to 40H, 42C, D and E and 44C and E
  • This Fauve by Fantasie large cup size strapless bra!
Off hand, I do not recall a strapless bra in cup sizes up to GG, but this one does!

I have been toying with the idea of splitting my large cup size and full figure bras directory page into categories.

It has been too hard to find what I am looking for there. It cannot be easy for anyone else.

How does
  • B to D
  • DD to G
  • and GG up 
pages sound for a better organization of bra info?
Enjoy the 20% off while it lasts and the easier browsing!


  1. Ow i thought you meant by plus size is those who have weight problems what turned out as those who have those plus sized cups.

  2. IN Brief Answer to Fancy Dress' comment:
    I, (perhaps other full figure women as well?), Resent your associating being full figured or Plus Size as A Problem.

    Cup size is likely more a matter of genetics, and full busted women of any size have taken all kinds of unwanted attention and abuse just as full figure women have.

    Referring to us as Problems is Rude and unconscionable!

    Even my doctor finds no 'Problem' with me being full figured or plus size.

    Who are you to call larger than average women a Problem!?!