Tuesday, August 23, 2011

15% Off All Baby Phat & $15 Linen Suit Separates

Until 3 pm, est., today you can get 15% Off Everything at Baby Phat! They have new blouses and plus size jeans, blouses and other unique urban fashion styles! This is a great way to pick up styles already on sale!

I highly recommend their plus size blouses and jeans, because I wear them. They fit well, true to their own size charts, and manage to make my large gut look smaller, by fitting better.

This one below also comes in pearl, in sizes 1XL to 3XL. Click on it to see all their new trendy plus size fashions!

Silhouettes is having a $15 Linen sale! This features almost all their washed linen styles, mosty suit separates, usually in sizes XL to 6XL, and yes, even styles in sizes 4XL to 6XL are $15! Read on to find how you can get them at an Extra 15% Off with Free Shipping!

There are also some dresses and tunics, and there are a few suit jackets I put at the top of our women’s suits page that are not shown in their $15 linen sale page.

They are available, and I know because I purchased two yesterday, at an additional 15% Off with Free shipping!

Here is how I did that, I am not sure exactly how it worked, but it did!
  • I clicked on this suit jacket’s picture, I like the other one that I put at the top of our suit page too, but I need the pockets.
Gillian Grey Washed Linen Blazer
  • Then I clicked on their name in the top left corner, to get the 15% Off with Free Shipping code, that I knew was there, and it still is this am!
  • I noted the code.
  • Then I filled my cart, (you just look further down the page at Silhouettes to find larger sizes of each style, in this case 4XL to 6XL)
  • Then when I went to checkout, the code was already there, next to a handy button that said ‘Apply Code’!
  • Just like that, 2 $15 linen blazers, less 15% with free shipping!

I do no know when Silhouettes’ linen sale, or that 15% off with Free shipping offer ends. I do believe I have an email from the weekend that says it ends in a few days. So if you like washed linen, especially suit separates, act soon!

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  1. I wish I had seen this earlier, I hate paying for shipping costs so I'm always thrilled to see a free shipping deal.