Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moisturizing Full Figure Bras? + a look at Accessories

Fantasie’s new Serene full figure bras, pictured below at Bigger Bras, gets excellent reviews, at Her Room, and is made with Aloe Vera in its fabric to moisturize our breasts! The fabric is textured and has a subtle shimmer to it!
Bra Full Cup 2231
If you click on its picture above you will go to it at Bigger Bras, (See their discount code on the right of their pages!). The picture’s link will go to this bra in sizes 30 - 40 D, DD, E, F, FF, G; 30 - 38 GG. If you need it in sizes 30 - 38 H, scroll down once you get to its page at Bigger Bras, click on the picture of it at the bottom right, in white.

Bare Necessities Summer Sale Event ends tomorrow. They have 81 styles of plus size bras left at this event!
Bare Necessities

Now a brief note about accessories

If you are full busted, especially if you are wearing modest tee shirts, as I often do, we really should wear scarves and / or necklaces. I am kind of shy, and picky, so I almost never do this…

However, I like Baby Phat’s logo cat. Their prices make at least considering wearing it more possible! This Cat Photo Etched necklace below is just $17.50. I love their earrings too. I really should wear earrings. I wear my hair up in a tight ponytail quite often. Could use a little sparkle there…

If you click on this Cat Necklace picture now, it will go to their Accessories page, where you can see a beautiful video of their charm bracelet charms! My daughter and I love these little charms. Though I do believe, it is the first time she has ever taken notice of charm bracelets at all…
I really like a lot of the jewelry at Their bronze shield necklace below would really fill the negative space my modest t-shirts leave me with…

But if I timid out of wearing my long rectangular Klimt silk scarf that I have had for years…well I would likely be to shy to wear a bronze shield necklace too….Have to work on that!

Silhouettes, who like most other stores featured at Plus Size Women’s Clothing, have always had some excellent accessories now has fine jewelry!

They have some nice pendants, more sedate than the shield above; sadly, you have to buy the chain separate, for their pendants…unless you already have a chain that goes with a given pendant already!

At least you can save on their fashions and now fine jewelry using this discount below!

Free Shipping* on orders $75 or more

An Eye Makeup I must tell you about!

This has actually done much to improve my appearance;
  • Even though it is summer
  • Even though I rub my eyes quite often!
Anastasia’s Brow Wiz.

I go mine at a Sephora in a mall, I am not finding this Anastasia eyebrow pencil at their online store anymore though.

This is a very fine mechanical pencil, with a spooley brush at the other end.
You can draw right on your own, pale in my case, eyebrows, then blend with the brush, and it stays there through all the sweating I have been doing these days!

If you have pale eyebrows, you gotta try this.

I have tired to do the same with drug store brands for years, and I finally gave up.

The pencils were just not fine enough, but this one is perfect!

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  1. The cat is a great piece and I can use JCPenney discounts for better pricing.