Friday, July 09, 2010

Excellent Urban Fashions deals Today!

If your, as my, idea of great trendy plus size fashions is urban wear today offers several great savings for us! You can read the details about my favorite, Baby Phat’s, savings special on our Urban Wear page. If you look to the right column of our Urban Wear page, you will find a 30% off savings code!

You can get the plus size blouses I brought at full price, (In both colors, because they are great!), at 20% off this weekend, as well as dresses, tank tops tunics, Capri, shorts and jean! Do not over look the other sales fashions at the bottom of their left menu, where you will find sundresses I highly recommend on sale, and a lot more!

Now Baby Phat plus size fashions come in sizes up to 4X. That is a recent thing, so the sale items only come in sizes up to 3X…
Click on one of Baby Phat’s new dresses to see their current New Arrivals!
Buy two sales items, get a third one free at both Apple Bottoms and Rocawear.

I do not know how long Rocawear’s offer is, but Apple Bottoms ends on 7/22.
Click on this smocked at the waist top, (So they should provide the same instant tailored fit the Baby Phat blouses I love.), below to see Apple Bottoms’ Buy Two get One Free under $40 plus size sale items. Once there, look to your left to find links to their under $25 and under $60 sale items.
Apple Bottoms has yet another way to save on their trendy plus size styles!
Click on this rayon spandex dress from new arrivals to see Apple Bottoms’ Summer Basics starting at $17.99 sale items

Rocawear’s deal of the day!
When you shop Shop Today for Special Online Exclusive Offers from Rocawear! today you will find Buy two sale items, get a third free!
Just click on this dress from their under $75 sale section, it’s down to $55 to go to that sale section. Once at Rocawear, to your left you will find their under $30 and under $50 sale sections too!

Dereon has the same, save 30% on orders of $150 that Baby Phat does.
Take 30% Off All Orders Over $150 with Code: desummer30. Offer Begins 7.8 and Ends 7.12 at 10AM EST.
Click on this smocked waist, halter dress to see Dereon’s New Arrivals. They have beautiful style in their sale section too!
I do not know about you, but I am reluctant to buy without size charts. Dereon and Rocawear, who both have styles I would love to try, do not give us size charts.
I am going to write them about this and explain about it inhibiting my likelihood of buying from them.

I Know some of the reasons I love these urban fashion styles is that:
  • They are shown on full figure women
  • Back, or front, with regards to jeans, Capri and shorts, views are usually available
  • Unique stylesSales and discounts that make these styles affordable
  • New twists on classic styles

If only Rocawear and Dereon would handle their size chart problem! Then I would try their styles at these sales!

Sales and discounts, especially like what Baby Phat has going, such as the ones these stores have on today make the unique urban wear styles of these stores nicely affordable!

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