Thursday, July 29, 2010

Elomi’s Caitlyn side support Full Figure Bras

These side support bras come in band sizes 34 to 46, and in cup sizes up to JJ!
I like the colors they come in, their great reviews! I put excerpts of some of my favorites reviews at the bottom of our Elomi's Caitlyn side support Full Figure Bras article.

There are at least 2 places you can get them at 10% off! Which is nice because they have a standard price of $50 for the bras, their matching panties are usually $26.

Even better, you can use this New Elomi Caitlyn Bras at eBay stores link to find, currently, 313 of these bras starting at $31, or $21 if you want to bid!

These pretty bras, and matching panties, at 10% off!
You can find them at Bigger Bras, use their 10% off code on the right side of their pages
You can use the Bare Necessities 10% link to shop them there, and Elomi lingerie is not excluded from that offer! Bare Necessities has these bras in this pretty sapphire blue below! Other colors too!

I wanted to try the Keira Goddess Bras below;

However, I need a smaller band size than they come in. Then I noticed this Caitlyn bras, it appears to have similar side support and reviews. I have really wanted to try a daily-wear side support bra.

The Caitlyn comes in band sizes of 34 inches, the Keira bras start at 36. If you have had s similar problem with full figure bras, need smaller band sizes, you are not alone!

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