Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thank you Dr. Ujjwal you have a nice & informative Plus Size Information blog!

Dr Ujjwal commented on our post of 11/9/09 lately. His blog, Plus Size Inform-Blog has lots of practical information about fabrics, tailoring, as well as plus size cultural, I guess what you might call culture, fitness and psychology. He has encouraging articles about famous plus size models and celebrities. Just in case the skinny fashion world makes you feel less than lovely from time to time…

A question for Dr. Ujjwal:

Upon reading your profile and some of you blog, it is apparent you learned in textiles!

And you have noticed that I focus, largely, on one type of garment. That is because bras, especially full figure bras, and even more so large cup bras, tend to cost a fortune! Yet they last not very long. So I try to find us ladies who need them the best prices and new styles as I can.

The question:
Is there a problem getting a fabric that would accommodate a larger than H cup seamless large cup bra? Is that why we do not see them? If we do, as in the Elomi smoothing foam underwire bra, #EL1220, use to come in sizes up to 34J and 36K, not any more…

Do you suppose it is a fabric problem or a structure problem? Or something I, not a bra designer, would not think of?

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  1. Thank you Anne for giving me the opportunity to share something with you and your nice blog.

    No, there is no problem of fabric is related with size as any type of fabric or blend is available in sufficient amount.

    The problem is in survey. Before manufacturing a particular size (say larger than H cup), a manufacturer make a suvey and if that particular size is not falling under a good probability region, then they fear that selling of that size may be a problem. As a result, in spite of knowing that there are some women who require larger than H cup, they fear to proceed. Furthermore, they don't make a survey in a wide scale, as it is also a costly process, so there is always a gap remains in between production and demand, which can be fulfilled up to certain extent by these type of public awareness blogs, because nowadays even big manufacturers are also do Internet survey rather than manual survey.

    Thank you.