Friday, December 04, 2009

It seems if we want Seamless Large Cup Size Bras, we will have to Speak UP!

Well write more wearer reviews and perhaps if we blog about wanting seamless large cup bras in greater than an H cup sizes, that could help.

Based on Dr. Ujjwal’s, (of Plus Size Inform-Blog), response to my question on 12/2/09, regarding this: is it a fabric issue? No, they do not survey a wide enough variety of women. They fear investing $s in a product, larger than H cup seamless bras, as an example, then getting stuck with it.
Manufacturers do pay attention to public awareness blogs!

Le Mystere Dream Tisha full figure bras are on sale for $58 at Bigger Bras, making their discount to your right applicable. It is in stock in many sizes up to 44H.
I asked customer service (back in 8/1/08 blog post), at Bigger Bras about this and they told me bra manufacturers do read their customer reviews. That would be another place you would want to voice your opinions and wishes about bras!

It seems likely they read wearer reviews at all stores who buy their products. It should be, it would be an inexpensive survey like info source for them!

If you are a bra manufacture reading this:
Just check out how fast sizes like 34 to 38J bras sizes go out of stock at Bare Necessities, Fig leaves and Her Room sale and Clearance sections once they go on sale as discontinued colors.

I never did a daily study from when they first go on sale to when each size is out of stock. I do know that from the time I note them to the time I figure I can get one into my budget, say 3 weeks, my size is gone.

That is just in what is available! Even though the selection is getting better and better, I still want to see seamless full figure bras available in H to K cup sizes.

Is it just me? How about you?

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