Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolution Let My Shape do the Fitting for You!

Let My Shape figure out what brands, designers and styles fit you before you even begin to shop!

A No Pain Good Gains New Years resolution instead of the usual, I will do more of what I dislike and less of what I like resolutions we have come to know.

Open a My Shape Personal Shop, feed in all the info they need, (No Money involved, its Free!), to lead you to the clothes that will actually fit you well!

You can read about the, well 3 I have noticed so far, advantages of doing this, and what you will need to open one by reading My Shape, Your Personalized Shop!.


My Shape also sends you sale and discount info and today has a a 30% to 50% Semi-Annual Sale going on. You do not have to shop My Shape to open & / or use your personal shop there, but you might decide to after all.

If you are reading this because you follow the large cup bras sales posted here, we might have a fit problem in common.
If the bust fits, in a top, dress or jacket, even t-shirts, the shoulders will be way too big.
I am hoping My Shape lead me to what really FITS.
So far, for my inverted triangle shape, they have led me to brands I had not considered and some I have thought about and not yet tried.

If you happen to have an inverted triangle shape, My Shape calls this a P shape, So far I notice they suggest lots of Shape fx, which I had not thought much of before. In truth, I was only semi-aware of the brand. Their shaping apparel makes sense, as the close fit would handle the discrepancies between the much large top and the narrow hips I have. Makes sense. Now I never would have thought of that, but My Shape Knew!
Like this Hold-You-In pencil dress.

Usually I only manage to get a dress that fits my bust fine, by shoulders sloppily, and my hips like a loose sack. This is will be a VAST IMPROVEMENT!
That is just One Example!

It cost the same at My Shape and Amazon, yet at times there are discounts, I get an email about once a week with their current discounts. Eventually Shape fx clothing will be included in their discount at a time when I have a bit of $ left to spiffy up my look! Not likely this month, but eventually!

This is just one of the many brands and designers they recommend for me, based on my measurements and tastes.

More than discount, My Shape will tell me which size to order from Shape fx, and other makers, based on my measurements I gave them and their knowledge of these fashion lines.

See what I mean?

  • Set up a My Shape Personal Shop
  • You will learn what to shop in which size
  • You will be alerted to sales and discounts
  • Plus you will spend less time returning clothing that does not quite fit!

Make the resolution to let My Shape handle the best fitting apparel for YOU!

Happy New Years!

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