Monday, December 14, 2009

Possibly 15% Off Full Figure Bras already on Sale, at 20% Off at Bare Necessities!

AquaMarine, one our readers sent this 15% off code in her comment RetaiMeNot09 for use at Bare Necessities. She said she used it to get a Panache tango large cup bra for just $36.04!! That is a great price for this bra! That is at its sale price, 20% off, until tomorrow, that I know of, and with an additional 15% off!

I don’t have anything except AquaMarine’s word on this, see blog reply of 12/11/09, but it could not hurt to try the code that worked for her, and, hopefully, get an additional 15% off!

Thank you AquaMarine!

Where did you get that code? Are there more discount codes like that?

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  1. I find lots of discount codes at this website:

    Just search for the company you're interested in and see if they've got any current coupon codes. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't but it's always worth trying!