Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Your welcome Becky! Glad you’re enjoying Bra Sized Swimwear too!

Yeah I did not know bra sized swimwear existed either till I started researching Swimwear for this site and full figure bras for this one.

Most of my life swimsuits made my breasts look like speed bumps. And that’s if they fit in the suit at all. I don't miss it.

I just think it’s great having swimsuits that make a full busted women’s breasts look like breasts. And not worrying about them slipping out as you swim, dive or play in the waves. Finally!

I was having a time of it figuring out my actual cup size, when I worked this out. On my way to figuring out my cup size, I ended up buying a Fantasie one piece swimsuit. And then this year, because I really wanted a two piece swimsuit, I got a Fantasie underwire tankini. Here’s a link to my wearer’s comparison of these two swimwear styles. I’m still making due with a G, rather than HH cup swimsuits, but they are still a whole lot better than any of my previous bathing suits. I love underwire support.

I wish I knew about fuller busted bras and bra sized swimwear years ago. I use to think bra cups only went up to E. Because, if I was really lucky, I could sometimes find E cup bras, but usually either D or DD cup bras at department stores. I did not even know there was such a thing as bras with cup sizes F, G, H, HH, all the way up to K!

Now I can not only swim and be in a bathing suit that looks good, I don’t have to put up with worring about my breast spilling, or getting a pain in the neck from halter ties and breaking, groove in shoulder style swim top straps!

I love bra sized swimwear and am glad you enjoy it too!

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  1. Yay! I have a question for you, how do Panache bras fit compared to Fantasie ones? I'm a 34G/GG in Fantasie, would I be the same in Panache?