Friday, August 24, 2007

A link to the Higher end of Plus Size Fashions!

Ever see very posh and stylish plus size blog named Too Fat For Fashion?

Is part of your late summer and fall ritual is to check out the fall fashions in more magazines than you normally read through out the year? Or do you just really like high fashions? If so take the link to Too Fat For Fashion in the next paragraph.

Too Fat For Fashion, Fashions beyond sample sizes, covers lots of posh Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar and the like, clothes, beauty trends and more, for us larger women!

As well as, lately a charming plus size boutique in Brooklyn called Lee Lee’s Valise, and most recently heeled lace up Oxfords, a cute and stylish fashion trend.

Like these, tapered stacked heeled cuties. But these come in wide and extra wide widths too. And in 5 other colors at Zappos! You can click on this heeled Oxford's picture below to shop for them if you like heeled, lace up Oxfords, but need wide widths. So far these are all I’ve found, in wide widths, in this trendy style.
Annie - Darling (Brown Smooth/Brown Snake) - Women's

They qualify for Zappos free over night shipping and get excellent wearer reviews too!

Too Fat For Fashion is quite different from my save your money stuff I’m always writing about:

Techniques for saving money and making your full figure bras last longer can be found here.

How to get cheaper plus size women’s career suits on our suits and separates page And today on our home page.

My technique for finding women’s wide shoes and other wide foot wear for less here.

Ok, so I’m a single mother and I have lots of attention on saving money. Which is why, at least for me, and I imagine other women too possible, Too Fat For Fashion is a treat for the eyes and mind!

That’s probably why I often post the current plus size Baby Phat styles I like here. On the one hand I’m a shy person, and a bit tentative about wearing trendy plus size fashions. OK I’m reluctant to wear anything that might draw attention to my self. On the other had, I like designer apparel, and now it’s available for us full figure women! But I’ve got a save money, so that’s where the main bulk of my perspective goes. But still, I like high fashions, and I recommend Too Fat For Fashion to any woman who does too!

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