Sunday, June 21, 2015

N by Natori Full Figure Bras

Also: On Changing Bra Sizes due to Weight Loss

I have mentioned here in recent months about my trying to find my new bra size, and at the same time wanting to change from full cup styles to demi, plunge or at least balcony style ones.

It has been a trial, to a certain extent because they are pricey and it is hard to afford to tie up money in a bra style / new size that might not fit, only to have to return it. I did this a few times since the beginning of this year…

For me, it was also nice to find I was not alone regarding certain aspects of this endeavor!

The mere toning up I did which lead to my troubles finding a large cup size bra in a smaller band size are Nothing compared to the story of a women who needed this sort of makeover after losing 100 pounds!
You can read about this in Fry Sauce and Grits' very informative post about Feeling Great in Your Bra While Losing Weight!

Like many of us found out when first finding our best bra size, The woman that post is about not only ended up with a smaller band size, (no surprise after losing so much weight!), but a much larger cup size! From a 38D to a 36G!

This is what she ended up with for her choice for her daily wear bra. I did not even know Natori made full figure bras!

N by Natori Bare Support Molded Underwire Bras

While the article that inspired this thankful post has a link to this bra at Amazon, (we many of us often shop anyway!), with excellent prices from $14.33 to $42, the price in size 36G depends on color, of which there are 10 at Amazon! Nice!

These are just pictures below, but you can use this Her Room's VIPoints Loyalty Programicon, (it is free and I like it!), link to go to Her Room and check them out there by going to N Natori by brand. Her Room is a great place for detailed descriptions, which I very much prefer before purchasing!

Her Room has these bras in sizes 32 to 40C to H in 10 colors too. Their prices are also depending on color, but between $20 and $42.

They also have more N Natori bras of interest, at least to me…

Smooth Curves Minimizer Bras

These bras are available in black and café in the same size range and have excellent reviews!

The description says the molded underwire cups of these bras shape and support and will minimize your breast up to 1 inch!
I personally do not care much for the minimizer effect anymore but can well understand the woman who does!

What I like is the shape of this bra and how comfy those straps look!

They have other ones that intrigue me by this brand, but before I run out of time and they run out of sizes…

N by Natori’s Natural Fit Demi Underwire Bras

If you like this one, (I do!), check it out soon because it is on sale for $29.95!
Currently they have these in sizes:
  • 32C to DD
  • 34 and 36D and DD
  • 38DDD40D and DDD
in three colors.

They have some other beautiful bras by this brand as well!



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