Friday, June 05, 2015

A Going Down a Bra Band Size Lesson

Or: Even if the cups seem loose in your old favorite, now loose bras
Even, or perhaps Especially, (?), if you are also going from full cup bras to balcony styles
It is Still: Down One Band Size Up One Cup Size

I think the Butterfly Collection’s Sister Sizing Chart and Description explain this well enough.

Ultimately I went from two favorite Elomi Bras in 34HH to some Curvy Kate bras in size 32J.
Stopping briefly (took about 2 months actually and quite annoyed with myself),
at two beautiful Freya plunge balcony bras, first in size, Freya’s Ignite icon, which I tried in size 32GG but it appears to come in the 30 to 38D to H size range,
then their Eden Bra icon, which appears to have come in the 28 to 38D to K, (not much left in larger cup sizes), size range, that I tried this in size 32HH.
Their cup sizes were too small.

Further down the page is what I learned, and why I made these; time and some money consuming mistakes.
But First:

Two Beautiful Curvy Kate Balcony Bras in sizes up to 40K and J

I am wearing this Madagascar bra, the red one below, as I write this and I am IMPRESSED with both this and their Florence bra below that! Lift, Support, Comfort and excellent fit for me!

These bras are available in sizes 28E to J and 30 to 40D to K!
Also, This is Smooth Under T Shirts! I wear Tees most of the time, so it matters to me, a lot.

Click on its picture to find it, currently for $45.91 at Bravissimo. They have matching briefs and thongs down their page in sizes 8 to 20.


Click on the word More below to find this excellent bra in sizes 30 to 40D to J at Bigger Bras!

They come in blush and black. The blush is pale enough to wear under most, if not all, of my lighter colored Tees and blouses! I love the fit of this one too!

Balcony, Bra, Mesh [More]
Price: $59.00
Sale: $59.00

Also nice is the Bigger Bras discounts at the top of their pages, which INCLUDE Curvy Kate, and other fine brands!

This tale might help you skip the returns, which Her Room was Excellent about, but still, annoying for me and would no doubt annoy you too.

Going Down a Bra Band While Moving from Full Cup to Balcony Styles

Yes, that was part of it; I was tired of full cup bras.
I did not want to change from Elomi bras,
but I knew they did not make band sizes smaller than 34.
However, with persistent weight lifting followed by months of a diet lower in saturated fats,
  • not only were my bra bands riding up my back
  • The cups of my favorite Elomi Caitlyn bras seemed loose
  • And The one bra I already had in a 32J, (Freya’s Arabella bra),
  • was not as snug as I like a bra cup 
My best fitting bra was the Elomi Suzie plunge bra by them, which is like their Betty plunge bras.

I should have simply gone down a band size and up a cup size, but:
  • Having the Freya Arabella bra in that size already
  • Finding those cups a bit loose
  • And according to Bigger Bras Bra Size Calculator and Cup Size Comparison Charts  
  • The 10 inch difference between my fullest bust measure and band measure 
  • meant I should fit a GG Cup!
Naturally I was wildly enthused, as there are all these beautiful bras that come in GG cup sizes, that I wanted to try, some for years. Such as Freya long line bras and others...

So that is how I tried GG cup sizes first, then HH again and found that;

Even though, based on the same bra cup size comparison chart, which says,
Curvy Kate bras have cups the same size as Elomi and Freya,
I found that for now Curvy Kate Balcony bras are perfect for me!

I hope this tale helps you avoid some unnecessary steps in chaning bra sizes and styles!

If I lived near a Bravissimo or other excellent store with a good supply of HH to K bras, I would have just gone for a fitting...

Best wishes!


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