Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Get 10% Off 2015 Undies Award Winners at Her Room

Once again Elomi's Caitlyn bras win the favorite full figure bra in the Undies awards. There we can find other award winning bra styles and currently get 10% off these styles!

Click on this picture of the Elomi Caitlyn, in chambray color to go to the 2015 Undies Award Winners at Her Room and get 10% off these styles should you decide to purchase!
These bras are $49.50 with this discount and are available in sizes 34 and 36E to K,38 to 42DD to K, 44 and 46DD to HH, in 5 normally full price, ($55) and one sale color for $44.95 at Her Room.

Other Favorite Award Winning Full Figure Bras include:

To name just a few more Favorite Award Winning styles.

I believe the Favorites ones are what we voted for and the Select Winners are what the Judges of this Award choose. So there is a nice selection of bras,and also panties, to browse available at this discount!



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